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Calorific Value Determination in Liquid Food such as Baby Food

GB/T 213, ASTM D5865

Sample Preparation
sample weight is less than 0.3g

Benzoic acid with specified calorific value
99.5% pure oxygen (Note electrolytic oxygen is not allowed to be used)

5E-C5508 Automatic Calorimeter

Analysis Time

1. Test the capsule to get its own calorific value
2. Take one capsule and get its weight 
3. Weigh the sample to 0.3g (Note : sample must be in the capsule ,and seal the capsule after weighing) 
4. Add the additive benzoic acid (around 0.5g) to the weighed sample 
5. Condition the instrument as below 
    a) Enter the analysis interface and preheat the instrument in advance for at least three times 
    b) Do a waste sample after preheat 
    c) Test a benzoic aced sample to check the instrument 
6. After conditioning the instrument, feed the sample to the bomb   
    Note :1. the ignition wire must touch the benzoic acid during feeding the sample to the bomb;
              2. For GB/T 213 standard ,filling 10mL distilled water into the bomb; for ASTIM D5865 standard, filling 1mL distilled water into the bomb 
6.  Charging the bomb with oxygen under 3MPa
7.  Put the bomb into instrument, and input the sample weight to the software 
8.  Input the weight and calorific value of two kinds of additive when click the “multi” button, then click “Calculate” and “Return”.
9. Click “Start” to analyze the sample

Typical Results

Sample Name

Sample Weight(g)

Calorific Value   Qb(J/g)

Baby food





Average Value


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