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Alternative Fuel

Ash Fusibility Determination for Biomass

Sample Preparation
Crush & Grind the sample to size ≤ 1mm, insert the sample into furnace under 815℃ to burn completely ,then grind the ash to the size ≤ 0.1mm

5E-AF4115/AF4105/AF4000 Ash Fusion Determinator

Instrument Settings
Choose the analyzing atmosphere, standard and how many ash sample you want to analyze

Special Modifications to Unit

Method Approval
UNI CEN/TS15370 GB/T 30726

1. Prepare the test pieces by using the mould according to different standard
2. Mount the test pieces to the support
3. Insert the test pieces into furnace under the controlling of software
4. Choose how many sample you want to analyze
5. Start analyzing to get the result

Note: Do Calibrating refer to operator’s instruction manual for details.

Typical Results

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